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Arkansas River Pueblo Report | Feb. 25, 2012

Date: Feb 25, 2012
Flow: 64 CFS
Water Temp: 42 Degrees
Flies: 6mm Glow Roe Troutbead, 6mm Mottled Ruby Roe Troutbead, #20-22 Johnny Flash, #20-24 Black Beauty, #18-20 Pheasant Tail.

The water in the Arkansas River below Pueblo continues to clear.  You are now able to sight fish the majority of the river.  Today Luke and I found a hole full of fish.  most were suckers, but there were some incredible trout mixed it.  Several tipping the 20 inch mark.  The water clarity is beginning to make the trout very wary.  Tippet sizes need to be dropped down to 5 and 6X.  Perfect weight selection and drift are more important now than ever.  In one of the holes we found some “mystery” fish, which turned out to be smallmouth!  There were some other white bass in the hole as well.  Luke thinks they were “white” smallmouth, I am convinced they were little wiper!

The water temps continue to hover in the low 40’s.  I was hoping it would warm up a little more, but it did not.  Midges are still the main bugs on the water.  We did see a couple BWOs again, but not enough to get the fish interested.  A small black or chocolate midge in a size #20-22 is your best bet.  Today we saw more big fish than I have ever seen in the river.  The river is like an aquarium right now, but getting them to cooperate is another thing!

I caught a tree! Sorry Luke!

2 Responses to Arkansas River Pueblo Report | Feb. 25, 2012

  1. James,

    Hit Pueblo today. Fish were everywere. Fished hard for six trout. Caught six on six different flies.
    (green egg, RS2, San Juan Worm, Black Midge, Adams and BWO). Fish rising all over the place around 1pm but could not fool em.

    • They are still on those tiny midges! Tough to imitate when they are microscopic. Water still hasn’t hit 50 yet…BWOs still to come. 6 fish isn’t bad?

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