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Brown Trout Pout

Brown Trout are grumpy creatures.  Once Brown Trout reach large sizes they become very smart, predatory and extremely wary.  Recently, I have run across several “grumpy” fish.  Fish that actually “pout” once released.  You can look into their eyes and tell they are just plain pissed that you fooled them with your fly.  This action is not because they were played to exhaustion, in fact they are rippin to go as soon as you give them a nudge.  I have recently heard of other experienced anglers witnessing the same phenomena.  Also, rainbows seems to never behave this way, at least not that I have experienced.   The browns just sit there in one place, staring right back at you!  Not scared or shy of your presence. This is great for the photographer.  You can get a few seconds of a grumpy brown holding perfectly still for you.

The Brown Trout Pout

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