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Capturing the Moment

Capturing the moment is the most important skills you can have as a photographer.  It can be as simple as someone holding a fish, an action shot or capturing simple expression.  The most important thing is to be ready and have an open mind.  In this post we will briefly discuss my favorite moments that I like to capture while fly fishing.

My number one favorite is the candid shot.  I love a photo that is not posed and looks natural.  That means I am often shooting when the person does not know I have the camera going.  This can be more difficult to do than you think.  If you aren’t ready to take the shot, then you will miss your opportunity.  Throughout the day, I am constantly watching the light and taking test shots.  That way, the subject is used to me snapping away and does suspect a thing, but it also means I have my exposure correct when I do decide to take that shot.  This shot was taken on a cold spring day.  Matt just hooked and landed a nice brown.  In the photo he is either warming his hands or wiping of some Copenhagen off his chin.  Either way, he had no idea I even took the shot.  When I showed it to him, he asked “When did you take that?”  Those are the pictures that I love the most!  Such a simple photo to take, but yet very neat at the same time!

My next favorite photo is the action shot.  This one can be more difficult.  Especially while fly fishing.  I have spent many days luggin around the camera, just waiting for my buddies to catch a fish.  Some days it happens and I am not ready, other days it never happens at all (Luke you’re cursed!).  If it does happen you have to be ready, for that shot specifically.  You have to have you camera set to a moderately fast shutter speed and set on the right auto focus setting for the situation.  In this shot, I had maybe 15 seconds to get this shot.  I wanted to get Luke setting the hook and the fish coming out of the water.  That only happens once!  I had the exposure set, shutter speed at 1/250 and auto focus on.  And WHA LA, it happened and I was ready!  This happened to be the only chance I got that day, you have to take advantage of every chance you get!

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