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Denver Carp Fly Fishing Report | September 23, 2012

Denver Carp Fly Fishing
Fly Fishing Denver Carp
Date: September 23, 2012
South Platte River Flows: 15 CFS at Chatfield
Denver Carp Flies:
#04-06 Common Craw, #06-08 Thinmint, #08 Egan’s Headstand Rust, #06 Near Nuff Crayfish, #06 Black Backstabber, #06 Rust Backstabber, #08-10 Clouser Swimming Nymph Rust, #06 Swimming Carp Fly Tan

Carp Fly Fishing South Platte RiverThe South Platte River in Denver is in great shape again.  The rain from a couple weeks ago gave the river a good flush and cleaned out all the algae and off colored water.  The river is as clear as I have seen it since this spring.  This makes it easy to spot and see fish.  The fish definitely feel the change in the weather.   We did not see many tailing and eating carp over the weekend.  At least not as many as we have been seeing all summer.   Instead of seeing dozens of feeding fish, today I only saw a handful.  Night time temperatures on the South Platte River are dropping and the mornings have a little nip to them.  The fish are definitely acting differently and feeling the weather.

Fall Carp FishingThe last couple days we saw fewer fish on the flats and more fish in the deeper slots and holes.  This makes them more difficult to see and target.  Most of the fish we hooked where on the flats, but we had far fewer chances than summer time fishing.  Capitalizing on the few chances you have is key to Carp Fishing.  As the weather continues to change, the fish will begin to slow down and the chances for opportunities will drop as well.  There were also a lot of anglers on the river this weekend.  This made the fish especially jumpy and spooky.  Denver is continuing to become a popular place to fish and that is great to see!  I enjoy seeing like minded anglers Fly Fishing For Carp and targeting the same fish I love!

Fly Fishing Denver CarpCarp Fly Fishing Tips for fishing in the next few weeks:
– Present downstream to fish (not upstream)
– Look in deeper slots and runs for fish
– Have both heavy and light flies on hand (look for fish on flats, but be prepared to go deep)
– Do not strip the flies, barely move them into the fishes path
– Watch the flows (changes in flows and rain will affect how the fish act)

Common Craw Carp Fly
Common Craw Carp Fly

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