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Carp On The Fly | June 1, 2012

June 1, 2012
Flow: 50 CFS at Englewood
Flies: #08 Thinmint Bugger, #08 Brown Peacock Bugger, #08 Olive Peacock Carp Bugger, #08 Black Peacock Carp Bugger, #08 Headstand Leech, #08 Clouser Swimming Nymph

The Carp fishing in town still remains good!  As I am writing this, it is raining cats and dogs in Castle Rock.  So we shall see what the influx of water will do to the river this week!  Yesterday was a great day on the river with Jim.  We sight fished to dozens of fish and managed to get several of them to eat.  The water remains super low, which is great for carpin.  The water clarity has also been improving.  It was gin clear the other day, but that may change with the rain.

Brown Peacock Carp Buggers and Thinmint Buggers are still the best flies and have been producing the most fish.  The Clouser Swimming Nymph and Headstand Leech are great flies for the pickier fish that are moving slower.  The fish have been cruising the flats and feeding very consistently.  Summer has arrived early and the water temps are on the rise.  As the water temps climb the carp should get even more active as their metabolism increases!

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    • I do not know where I was on Tuesday? That days this week have all blended together! I think I was on the river somewhere. Haven’t run in to any fisherman though. Im sure we will cross paths on the river though. You have nice site for carp info too!

  1. Love watching your stuff. It’s a great lunchtime break at work. Please keep them coming. They are great!

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