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South Platte River Carp | May 27, 2012

Date: May 27, 2012
Flow: 46 CFS at Englewood
Flies: #08 Thinmint Bugger, #08 Brown Peacock Bugger, #08 Headstand Leech, #08 Clouser Swimming Nymph

Got out and fished the Platte in town today with Luke.  The flows on the South Platte in Denver are finally on their way down.  The rain storms from last week blew out the river and made it unfishable for a day or two.  The water is clearing, but there is still a ton of algae and moss floating down the river.  This made it tough to get the flies down to the fish.  We were able to get a few on thinmints and carp buggers, but the fish were a bit grumpy today.  My guess is the sudden drop in flows have got them slightly nervous.  Carp were not the only fish on the menu today.  Swimming amongst a pod of carp, we spotted a giant catfish!  I put it right on her nose and BAM!  Biggest one either of use have ever seen in the river.

Look for feeding fish in shallower water.  The fish in the deep runs are tough right now.  For the most part, they are just resting and not really in the mood to eat.  We saw a few tailers and mudders, but not nearly as many right before the rain storms.  If things stay clear and dry, then it should return back to normal soon.  Walk slow and try to approach the fish slowly and quietly.  As the river drops, the fish will get spookier!  Saw something else weird today.  A Parakeet!  Do not know what he was doing there or where he came from, but he sure was brave.

Endangered South Platte Parakeet????

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6 Responses to South Platte River Carp | May 27, 2012

  1. im want to get into carp fishing. I have a beat around 6wt rod. what should i use for leaders and tippit? any help is appreciated. I have seen some HUGE carp and i cant imagine how fun it would be to catch one. thanks

    • Luis,

      I just use 40 pound mono and then tie 0X Fluoro tippet onto that. They are not very tippet shy, but they do feel your fly plop and feel you walking around.

  2. I live in Aurora, I would love to hook into a big carp, and especially a cat in the Platte. I have heard of how great it is to fish the Platte in the metro area, never had any luck. Do you reccomend a spot to try for carp and cats? Thanks.

    • Chris,

      The Platte in town is a great place to carp fish. In fact it is world class! There is not really any one spot that is better than other. Try starting by REI and Confluence park. It is easy to access and there are fish right there. Expect to walk to find more fish. Just walk the path and sight fish as you go. Remember that you are fishing for the toughest freshwater fish to catch on a fly. If you have never done it before, expect to put in some time figuring them out. The catfish are rare. I have only seen 2 over the years. You kind of just luck into one! If you ever want someone to teach you more about carp, give me a ring

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