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Cheesman Canyon – Deckers Fly Fishing Report | October 13, 2012

Cheesman Canyon Deckers Fly Fishing Report
Fly Fishing Cheesman Canyon TricosDate: October 13, 2012
Flow: 92.4 CFS
Flies: #22-24 Parachute Adams, #22 Olive Dryemerger, #22-24 CDC Comparadun, #18-24 Pheasant Tail, #20-24 Black Beauty Emerger, #20-22 Brown Johnny Flash, #20-24 Olive RS2. #20-22 Blood Midge, #20-22 Miracle Nymph

Cheesman Canyon Brown TroutThe Tricos are hatching in Cheesman Canyon and Deckers!  The fish are responding very well to the Trico Hatch on the South Platte River.  Yesterday we had a nice long hatch due to the cold weather and dreary conditions.  The hatch lasted from 10-3pm and kept on going once we left!  The bugs are small and the fish can tell the difference in sizes.  A #22-24 Parachute Adams and BWO Dryemerger were the ticket.  They fooled many fish throughout the day and seemed to work the best.  5X tippet is plenty thin, but keep you leader nice and long (10-12 feet).  Try to pick the fish that are actively feeding and rising consistently.  Most of the risers we found were in the slower water, flats and pools.

Trico Spinner MayflyThe mornings in Cheesman Canyon are cold.  We had to bundle up and wear jackets, gloves and hats on the way in.  As the day progressed the air temp warmed up and you can shed the jacket.  A backpack or bag is awful nice to stow gear in on the way out of the Canyon.  Before the Trico Hatch begins, nymphing small nymphs and emergers will be the productive way to go.  If the fish are not rising, then there is no reason to throw a dry fly fruitlessly.  Small Black Beauties, Pheasant Tails and Chocolate colored emergers were the best choices.  A lot of the fish will be suspended eating the emergers and mayflies that are hatching.  Do not be afraid to take off a little weight an look for these suspended fish.

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