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South Platte River Carp | June 28, 2012

Date: June 28, 2012
Flow: 30 CFS at Englewood
Flies: #06 Thinmint Bugger, #06 Backstabber Rust, #06 Backstabber Carp Fly Wine, #08-10 Clouser Swimming Nymph Rust, #06 Swimming Carp Fly Tan, #08 Brown Peacock Carp Bugger, #08 Black Peacock Carp Bugger

Had a great time today fishing with an old buddy.  The fishing was just so-so this afternoon.  We were plagued with grumpy fish and cloudy weather, but we still managed to get a few.  Clouds are a carp fisherman’s worst enemy.  If you cannot see the fish you are going to fish to, then you are most likely not going to get the eat.  And even if you do, the fish will most likely eat it and spit it out before you even know it.  Pick the sunniest of days.  This gives you the best opportunity to see and cast to a specific fish.  You effectiveness and success will go up exponentially.

Crayfish patterns still are fooling the majority of fish. Thinmints, Backstabbers, and Swimming Nymphs are the best patterns to have in your arsenal.  The fish have been a bit jumpy the past few days, so you must work the fly very slow.  In fact, most of the time you will not want to move the fly at all.  Once the fish has the fly in it’s sights, just leave it and let the current do the moving for you.  The low flows and clear water means that the fish do not want the fly moving much.  Just a twitch so they see it and that is it!

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