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Colorado River Fly Fishing Report | July 16, 2012

Date: July 16, 2012
Flow: 378 CFS
Flies: #18-22 RS2, #14-18 Prince Nymph, #16-20 Pheasant Tail, #08-10 Slumpbuster, #10-14 San Juan Worm, #18-22 Black Beauty

The Colorado near Parshall is fishing well!  We had a great day of catching fish in the Williams Fork River, Parshall Access and the Breeze Unit.  The water on the Colorado (below the Williams Fork) is still cold.  The Williams Fork is dumping about 300 CFS into the Colorado River, keeping the fish cool and happy.  The mosquitoes have been thick in the area and you must bring some bug spray.  We saw several “good” bugs flying around throughout the day.  Caddis, PMDs, Yellow Sallies, Tricos all made an appearance on the river.  Most of our fish were caught nymphing, but streamers late in the day did very well!  Look for the fish to be in the deeper runs and slots.  Nymph a RS2, Pheasant Tail or San Worm with moderate weight and get it near the bottom.

Large thunderstorms will roll in during the afternoon.  So packing a rain jacket is a great idea.  It has been hot in the Colorado Valley as well, so bring plenty of water and food.  Wet wading is not a great idea, unless you want to be eaten alive by the skeeters!

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