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Cyprinus Carpio

Cyprinus carpio is a the Latin name of the Common Carp.  This page is a photo collection of our clients, customers and friends who have caught their first carp on a fly!  This is a monumental achievement for any angler and a well deserved moment for any angler who has put in the time and effort.  These fish are taken on our home river in Colorado, the South Platte River in Denver.

Would you like to learn how to catch carp on the fly? Be a part of the Cyprinus Carpio family and take a Guided Carp Trip with James.  Contact Us or (303-324-1854).  Licensed, Bonded and Insured through Mile High Angler – Outfitter #2534

John Bealer and his first River Donkey!
John Bealer got a perfect strip set on his fish
Jim Mann is now a full fledged carp fanatic!
Darren Herstedt and his first carp!
Matt Carara and his first Mirror Carp!
Nick Porquis and his first Carp on the Fly
Andy Sowa with a nice South Platte Carp
Jim Mann with his first mini Mirror Carp
Brandon with his first South Platte River Carp
Rickey with his first south platte carp!
Chris Wells with a NICE South Platte Carp!

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