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Deckers Fly Fishing Report | July 17, 2012

Date: July 17, 2012
Flow: 332 CFS
Flies: #10-14 San Juan Worm, #16-20 Jujubaetis, #16-18 Pheasant Tail, #08-12 Rubberlegs, #16-18 Breadcrust, #18-22 RS2, #18-22 Black Beauty

Deckers is finally fishing great!  We now have some decent flows on the South Platte River at Deckers and COLD water too!  The fish are loving life and finally in a rhythm.  Today we were able to get several nice fish to net, both browns and rainbows.  All averaging 12-18 inches.  Sight fishing is still the most productive way to target the fish at Deckers.  You must walk slow and look hard.  A decent amount of weight is needed to reach the fish in the deeper runs and holes.  San Juan worms were the winning fly today, but midges and Jujubaetis also took many of the fish.  The brown trout are finally growing and reaching their prime.  Over the past couple years, they have continuously been getting larger.  The majority of the browns we caught today were 13-17 inches…a really nice fish and good to see!

The high flows have the fish nice an relaxed.  3X and 4X is all that is needed, unless you drop down to flies smaller than #20 and then 5X is needed.  Most of the fish were very calm and not too worried about your presence, so short line nymphing is a great technique.  Look for the fish in riffles and runs from 2.5-4 feet deep.  Look for dark bottom and rocks, the fish need a little bit of structure to hold on.  Have fun!

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  1. In reply to Chris, hope you made it up there today; I was there early and this report is spot on, except there are Tricos now, so decent spinner fall activity for an hour or so after 9:30 or so. Huge rainbows upstream from bridge, mix of browns and bows below. Pheasant tails working good in half-runs on edge of big water. Flow today was 270, clear water except a little off from Horse Creek below. Hope you did well! Great post James!

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