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Denver Carp Fishing Report | August 12, 2012

Colorado Carp Fly FishingDate: August 12, 2012
Flow: 50 CFS at Commerce City
Flies: Flies: Flies: #06-08 Thinmint, #08 Egan’s Headstand Rust, #06 Near Nuff Crayfish, #06 Black Backstabber, #06 Rust Backstabber, #08-10 Clouser Swimming Nymph Rust, #06 Swimming Carp Fly Tan, #06 Barry’s Carp Fly

Carp fishing on the South Platte River in Denver is in full swing!  Water temperatures are warm and the fish have been eating and moving onto the flats.  This weekend was an interesting mix of bad light and off color water due to rain. This made the fishing difficult, but still fun!  Saturday we had perfect water conditions.  The river had cleared over the past few weeks afternoon rainstorms, but there was a catch…CLOUDS!  On Saturday, we had about an hour or so of sun and then the clouds rolled in.  Luke managed to get a nice fish right before the clouds materialized and that was it for the day.

Carp On The FlyFly Fishing for CarpDenver Carp Fly FishingSunday we had perfect light!  No clouds, but the rain from Saturday night turned the river off color.  This made it really tough to see fish and get them to see your fly.  Vince had a fish eat early in the morning, but we could not see!…So the fish spit out the fly as soon as we figured out he ate.  We spent hours trying to see fish and finally resorted to bridge fishing.  I have never fished from a bridge before, but had to resort to such tactics due to the conditions.  First fish we saw from the bridge, we caught.  Kinda fun trying to run over, under and around the bridge trying to land a fish!   Gives you at least a few minutes of excitement!

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  1. I love the picture of him fighting the fish. Not allot of water in that picture though! Yup bridge fishing is odd to say the least. You feel a little dirty but on the other hand sometimes the DSP just demands it.

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