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Denver Carp On The Fly Report | March 7, 2013

Carp On The FlyDenver Carp On The Fly Report
: March 7, 2013
South Platte River Flows: 17.7 CFS at Chatfield
Denver Carp Flies: #08 Egan’s Headstand Rust,#08 Egan’s Headstand Chartreuse, #08-10 Carp Soft Hackle, #06 Black Backstabber,  #08 #06-08 Barr’s Spork Rust, #08-10 Clouser Swimming Nymph Rust, #08 Hybrid Worm Carp Fly

Fly Fishing Denver Carp

Carp On The Fly DenverSpring is fast arriving!  Today was the first day (this year) that I was able to sight fish to a tailing carp on a flat.  Most of the fish are still podded up in the deeper water and runs, not really doing much.  Most of the fish in these runs are not eating and are easily snagged with nymph rigs. Today we covered some water and were able to find 2 fish tailing and willing to cooperate!  The water is still very chilly, in the low to mid 40’s in most places.  This is not really enough to get the fish going, but it will be very soon!  Fish smaller carp flies, such as small Swimming Nymphs, Soft Hackles and Headstands.  Large Crayfish patterns are still scaring most of the fish, it will still be awhile till those become the “go to” fly.  Cover some water, look in the transition areas where the water goes from deep to shallow and walk slow!

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Here is a video to get the Spring Carp Fever going!!

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