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Denver Carp Report | May 16, 2012

Date: May 16, 2012
Flow: 50 CFS at Chatfield
Flies: #06-08 San Juan Worm, #08-10 Thinmint Bugger, #08 Barry’s Carp Fly, 8mm Chartreuse Troutbead

The Carp fishing in Denver has been epic!  Spring is well on it’s way and the carp know it.  The low flows on the South Platte River mean that carp fishing season has arrived early.  The carp are just finishing up their spawn and are looking to feed heavy to put the weight back on!  My guess is that you will continue to see carp spawning activity for the next week or so.  Spawning carp can be spotted chasing each other around and splashing in the shallows.  I ignore these fish most of the time and concentrate my efforts on tailing and feeding fish.

As you move north on the Platte, the water clarity is reduced and you must rely on tailing and feeding fish in order to spot them.  The entire river system is full of fish at the moment.  So where do you go you ask?  ANYWHERE!  There is a bike path that follows the river for miles.  Just find a place to park and start walking.  Any area with a deeper run or hole has fish in it.  Finding them is easy, getting them to eat is a different story though!  Nymphing the deeper runs continues to produce fish, but there are lots of fish moving onto the flats.  For these fish, I like to use a Woolly Bugger or crayfish pattern.  Getting them to see it with out spooking them is no easy task.  Keep at it and put your flies in front of lots of fish!  Check out the “River Donkeys” Video below and do not forget to visit our Online Fly Shop – FREE SHIPPING!

5 Responses to Denver Carp Report | May 16, 2012

  1. When will you be shooting your own series for NBC Outdoor Sports? Excellent video, even sweeter because you are making it look too easy catching those golden monsters. By far my favorite video. Forget chasing trout on the fly, carp are on the menu! I rock your fly patterns all day on the Ark in Pueblo for those elusive, big trout, and will be using your setup for chasing carp on my next outing. My mind is still blown away.

    • I wish NBC sports would be interested! Thanks for the good words Mike. I am honored you are enjoying the info and videos. Keep on fishin! Once you get the carp bug…you will never look back!

  2. Dang….awesome video James. My favorite so far too. We re gonna have to connect…need to get some advice on a good carp setup. Looks like a lot of fun!

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