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A Near Disaster in Elevenmile Canyon

Pinned Under Ice and Rocks

So I learned a lesson about fly fishing with bananas today…they are super bad luck!  Randy warned me in the morning about the banana issue, but the fishing was so good I did not believe it.  After today, I am a total believer.  In the afternoon, I was helping Randy re-rig and laid my rod near the bank (like I have done hundreds of times).  When I was finished, I turned around and did not see it?  My heart stopped.  I thought there could be no way the rod floated away (usually rods just sit in 3 inches of water and do not float away… right?). Unfortunately, it did and the ice shelves just downstream were thick and several feet deep.

Randy and I searched for what seemed to be forever.  I carved out a stick and began scrapping furiously under as many ice shelves as I could.  After I wore myself out, I turned to Randy and was about to give up.  As I did, I see a pink thingamabobber barely poking out of the shelf.  There it was!  I ran over to it and started pulling on the line.  Of course, the reel just spun and I took in handfuls of my new Supra Fly Line.  But then the line stopped and the rod was jammed under a boulder and deep in the shelf.  Now what?  Well, we walked back to the car and got the tire iron.  I was not going to give up.  I used a rock and the tire iron to slowly chip away the ice shelf.  After going cave man on the ice block, I was finally able to get to the tip of the rod and pull it out.  What an idiot…NEVER fish with a banana in your pack!!!!  Check out the pictures and video Randy took during stupidness.  You should find them funny and laugh at my misfortune.  I call it Fly Fishing Bloopers!!  A great day in Elevenmile Canyon and I have my rod back!

My tools and "new" Supra Fly line
Chipping Away!
Desperation Sets In
Found It!
Never Been Happier!

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17 Responses to A Near Disaster in Elevenmile Canyon

  1. Ahhh!!! I’ve never heard bananas were bad luck, but now I’ll certainly beware. I’m happy for you that you got your rod back!!

    • NO Bananas on the boat…or fishing I guess. Second time I have been told that this week. The first time didn’t turn out so good either!

  2. Never leave a good man or rod behind, classic stuff, way to stick with it. Nothing good has ever happened with a bananna around, salt or freshwater. I wish you ran video while you clubbed and chipped at the ice. Thanks for poking some fun at yourself, it takes a man to do that

  3. James, I think in this case you might have to blame the banana eater. I bet the water was COLD. Way to be tenacious, and I am glad you got it back.

    • You are probably right, but it is always nice the pass some of the blame onto an inanimate object! And yes…that water was COLD!

  4. Well, Jack Daniels or Jim Beam might have been helpful to protect against snake-bite , (SORRY, meant frost-bite). Whatta friggin mess! I admire your tenacity. Now I understand what you meant about BANANAS when you and Jon fished 11 mile canyon on April 12.

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