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Dream Stream – 11Mile Report | Mar. 4, 2012

Date: Mar 4, 2012
Dream Flow: 107 CFS
11mile Flow: 71 CFS
Water Temp: 41 Degrees
Flies: #20-22 Black Beauty, #12-16 San Juan Worm, #20-22 RS2, 6mm Mottled Ruby Roe, 6mm Mottled Oregon Cheese

Made it to the Dream Stream and Elevenmile Canyon today with Jim.  It was a bit of a roller coaster ride for most of the day.  We were greeted by 40 MPH winds on the Dream Stream!  This made fishing a little difficult, but we gave it a shot anyways.  Not many lake fish in the system yet, none really.  Lots of small stocker rainbows though.  We thought the flows would encourage a few fish to start their migration, but it must still be a little early.

After walking the entire lower river on the Dream Stream, we decided to hit up Elevenmile Canyon.  What a good call that was!  The Canyon fished well, lot of fish and a few bugs.  Jim fish a small purple midge and caught several fish.  I used an Oregon Cheese egg and a midge all day and caught several fish as well, including the biggest Cutthroat I have ever seen in the Canyon.  It was not a trophy, but a nice 19 or so inch fish!  Made my day!  5 and 6X are standard issue in Elevenmile, use 4X to the egg though.  Fish remain spooky, you will need to keep your distance a bit.  The water is incredibly clear!  The lower canyon still has large ice shelves built up, the upper canyon is ice free now.

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