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Dream Stream Fly Fishing Report | July 19, 2012

Dream StreamDate: July 19, 2012
Flow: 248 CFS
Water Temperature 59-65 Degrees
Flies: #18-22 Parachute Adams, #16-18 Puterbaugh Caddis, #18-22 Black Beauty, #16-18 PMD Barr Emerger, #18-22 Pheasant Tail, #16-18 Caddis Larva

The bugs are hatching on the Dream Stream and the fish are fat and happy!  Finally we are seeing some good flows on the Dream Stream section of the South Platte River.  The water is at it’s banks, right where it should be.  The fish are spread out in the river, not just in the holes.  You will find fish in the pockets, riffles and pools.  Just about anywhere there is a little depth, current and cover.  Lots of bugs coming off on the Dream Stream.  Today we saw Tricos, Yellow Sallies, PMDs, Caddis, Midges and lots of hoppers.  The Tricos are hatching early, so get there as early as you can.  The PMDs and Stones have been hatching right around the middle of the day.

Trico Mayflies

Nymphing was the main way to get the fish to eat, but we did have about an hour of some heavy Trico action.  A Parachute Adams was the fly that fooled the fish on the top, in about a size #20.  The river was busy today.  We had to work around dozens of anglers and squeeze in where we could.  Kinda weird for a weekday, but I guess everyone else had the same idea!  We fished the middle and lower sections of the river and walk quite a bit.  Do not be afraid to move!  The fish are spread out all over the river.

Do you want to take a Guided Trip to the Dream Stream section of the South Platte River? Contact Us or (303-324-1854).  Licensed, Bonded and Insured through Mile High Angler– Outfitter #2534

Dream Stream
Perfect Dream Stream Flow!
Brown Trout
Average Dream Stream Brown Trout
Fly Fishing Dream Stream
Got One On!
Middle of nowhere....a Satellite Dish?????

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