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Elevenmile Canyon Report | April 17, 2012

Date: April 17, 2012
Flow: 90 CFS
Water Temp: 35-40 Degrees
Flies: #18-22 Pheasant Tail, #18-22 Black Beauty, #18-22 Parachute Adams, #18-20 Blue Winged Olive, #12-14 San Juan Worm, #18-20 Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail, #20-22 RS2, 6mm Apricot Troutbead

The Blue Winged Olives are still hatching in Elevenmile Canyon!  The midges are also out in force early in the mornings.  The canyon is fishing incredibly well, better than I have seen it fish in years.  I think this can be due to the sustained higher flow we are seeing the canyon this year.  Start off the morning with a egg and a midge.  I was doing well with an 6mm Apricot Troutbead and a black beauty.  As the day progresses you will switch over to a pheasant tail and a midge.

Once the Blue Winged Olives begin to hatch, you will switch over to dries.  The hatch has been starting at around 1-2pm and will last only till 3-4.  If it is not windy then the hatch will last longer.  Yesterday the wind picked up and we only had about an hour of dry fly action, but it was awesome!  Yesterday we fished near the tunnels in the morning.  Lots of small to medium sized fish in this section.  There are some larger fish, but the smaller ones out number them for sure.  The fish in this section are much more willing to eat and there is little pressure from fisherman (compared to up river).

Later in the day we went to the upper section of the river.  I love to fish dries in the upper sections.  The water is much flatter and more conducive to fishing dries.  This section does see a lot more pressure and the fish are way more educated.  The “snookie” browns are my favorite in the upper flats.  They are supper short and super fat!  They are really tough to fool on a dry though, so yesterday was special for me!  Check out the video below from yesterday in Elevenmile!

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