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An Evening On Depuy Spring Creek

Depuy Spring CreekLast week was my first experience fly fishing on a true Spring Creek.  Depuy Spring Creek is an amazing place.  The amount of fish and bug life is staggering.  Everywhere you look you see fish, plants, flowers, bugs and signs of life.  The trout in this stretch of creek live one happy beautiful life.

Fly Fishing Depuy Spring CreekDave and I had a half day to burn in Livingston, Montana.  So what better thing to do in Livingston than fish Depuy Spring Creek!  We arrived in the afternoon and spent a bit of time driving the property to see what we had to play with.  Once we had the lay of the land, we stopped and fished.  The fish late in the afternoon were not rising quite yet.  So we fished suspended nymphs to medium sized browns and rainbows.  The water, in Depuy, was amazingly clear and the fish were super picky, just like our Colorado Tailwater fish.

Depuy Spring Creek

Depuy Brown TroutAs the light began to fall, the bugs came out to play.  A nice PMD hatch started to form and all the sudden, fish began to come out of the wood work!  Fish rising on Depuy Spring Creek are super picky.  5X tippet and a down and across presentation was the only way to fool these wary fish.  Many fly fishers talk about how large the flies are in Montana, well…not so true on the spring creeks.  The PMDs hatching were a size 20 and many of the nymphs we were using earlier were 16-22!  Fishing a spring creek late into the evening is a magical fly fishing experience.  Sipping trout, bugs in the air, falling light and pure landscapes is something that I never grow tired of!  If you are ever in the Livingston area, Depuy Spring Creek is a must have experience!

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