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Evening Fly Fishing Light

One of my personal goals this year is to take more pictures of course, but also stay late.  Some of the softest and best light is right at or just after sunset.  I rarely stay out and fish till this point.  Mornings are my thing, so photographing sunsets and late evening light is something I do not see often.  Every time I have stayed late, I have been rewarded!  Late evening light is some of the best light to photograph in!  Check out the pictures below, they were all taken during evening light.

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Australian Sunset on Jetty
Sunset on the Middle Fork of the South Platte River
Sunset at an Australian Marina
Evening Light on the Laguna Madre
Florida Keys Sunset

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  1. Wow Good stuff James! I too am a creature of Dawn. I am making an effort this year to fish into the dark as opposed to fishing from the dark. I usually have any river to my self at this time too.

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