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Denver Carp Fly Fishing Report | October 23, 2012

Denver Carp Fly Fishing Report
: October 23, 2012
South Platte River Flows: 6 CFS at Chatfield
Denver Carp Flies: #06-10 Thinmint, #08 Egan’s Headstand Rust, #08-10 Carp Soft Hackle, #06 Black Backstabber,  #08-10 Clouser Swimming Nymph Rust

October Fly Fishing Carp DenverFall brings change to the South Platte River in Denver.  Water temps are now ranging from 45-55 degrees and this means the once active crayfish forage begins to slow down.  The fish are now keying in other other food sources such as insects and aquatic worms.  Crayfish intimates will still pick up a few fish, especially the larger once.  If you do want to try some crayfish patterns, stick to the smaller sizes such as #08-12.  Tricos, BWOs and Midges are still hatching and the fish are keyed into the bugs.  A Carp Soft Hackle is hands down, the best fly right now.  As the bugs begin to taper off and water temps drop, the fish will begin to key more on aquatic worms.  But for now the Soft Hackle is KING!

Carp Fly Fishing Release
Carp Facial

Fall Carp Fly Fishing Denver South Platte

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  1. Thats good news even from far away. I must ask, low flows, carp mucking the bottom, as well as wading. Life down there after the debacle? Smells like…?


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