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Elevenmile Canyon Fishing Report | March 16, 2012

Date: March 16, 2012
Elevenmile Canyon Flow: 99 CFS
Water Temp: 40 Degrees
Flies: #20-22 Black Beauty, #16-20 Pheasant Tail, #14-18 San Juan Worm, #20-22 RS2, #20-22 Johnny Flash, 6mm Mottled Ruby Roe Troutbeads, 6mm Caramel Roe, 6mm Oregon Cheese

Had a great day fishing with Randy in Elevenmile Canyon today!  I even learned something about bananas and fly fishing (I will elaborate).  The Canyon fished incredible, as it has been for the past few days.  Midges are still hatching in good numbers and the trout are starving!  We explored some of the lower canyon waters today and found tons of fish.  These fish are more willing to eat and are extremely clean!  Few people have ventured down the icy canyon this year and the good fishing proves that!  Randy did well in the morning with a small Pheasant Tail and an egg.  I creamed them on a midge and an egg.

The morning fished lights out!  The temperature was cold, well below freezing.  It warmed up as the day progressed and the fishing remained good, but slowed down a bit.  Crowds were not an issue, we pretty much fished where ever we wanted to.  4 and 5X Tippet has been plenty thin.  I have not tied on 6X for the last few days, the fish do not seem to care.

Learned a hard lesson today about fishing with a banana, they are super bad luck!  I was helping Randy re-rig and laid my rod down near the bank.  When I went back, NO FLY ROD!  Spent the rest of the day chiseling my S4S and Vanquish reel out from under a solid ice shelf downstream.  So much for my new Supra fly line!  Read more about my mishap on the The Riffle Blog.  Thank goodness for a tire iron, rock hammer and a little luck!

The outlook for this weekend looks great!  Weather and flows continue to improve.  Wake up early and focus on your good drifts.  You should do fine!


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