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Opening Week Spinney Reservoir | April 5, 2012

Date: April 5, 2012
Water Temperature: 36-41 Degrees
Flies: #18-22 Rojo Midge, #10-12 Woolly Bugger, #16-18 Chironomids, #10-12 Stillwater Nymph, #14-16 Olive Scud, 6mm Oregon Cheese Troutbeads

Opening week at Spinney Reservoir has started out with a bang!  The rainbows are hungry and eager to eat.  The water is still cold, only in the high 30’s and low 40’s.  The weather has been amazing and the lake will continue to warm up and the fishing improve.  It is still early, really early and the bugs still do not know what to do.  We have seen a few sparse midge hatches, but nothing that has really got the fish in a frenzy, but that will change!

The fish are still cruising the deeper water and you need to get your flies down.  We spent most of the day fishing in about 5-9 feet of water.  The fish are very willing to eat, but the takes have been very subtle.  We missed just as many fish as we caught.  They were nibbling, bumping and taunting us.  We found that if we let them play with our flies a bit and wait for them to take it, then our success went up dramatically.  Fish the points and look for drop offs, where the water changes depth quickly.  These are the areas you will find concentrations of fish.  As the month progresses and temperatures warm up, look for an increase in midge activity.  Fish 3-4x tippet and 5x if you must.  These fish will break 5x very easily and it really isn’t necessary unless you are fishing flies #20 or smaller.  Check out the video from the day!

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