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Arkansas River Pueblo Fishing Report | October 27, 2012

Arkansas River Pueblo Fly Fishing Report
Arkansas River Pueblo Rainbow TroutDate: October 27, 2012
Arkansas River Pueblo Flow: 35 CFS
Denver Carp Flies: #18-22 Pheasant Tail, #20-22 Olive RS2, #18-22 Black Beauty, #20-22 Miracle Nymph, #20-22 Parachute Adams, #20-22 CDC Comparadun, #20-22 Olive CDC Rs2, #20-22 Olive Midge Larva, 6MM Glow Roe Troutbeads

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Empty Lot!

Cold weather and a bit of snow means that it is time to start heading south.  The Arkansas River Pueblo was no let down yesterday.  The fishing was steady and quite good.  No huge fish, but lots of fish in the 12-18″ range.  The water is still mostly clear which means that the fishing was not easy.  The fish are picky and discerning.  Perfect drifts and correct fly selection are required to catch fish at the moment.  As the weather continues to cool, the reservoir will continue to turn over and the water clarity degrade.  Fishing will actually become a bit easier as this happens.  The water is very low, about 20 CFS lower than normal for this time of year.  The fish are a bit spookier than normal and you can actually see them in many areas.  The low water means shorter nymphs rigs and little to no weight.  Several times through out the day, I was fishing no weight at all and it was the ticket to targeting fish that are suspended in shallow water.

Rainbow Trout Arkansas RiverSmall flies continue to be the bugs that are working.  The Blue Winged Olive hatch is strong and this is just the start!  The hatch will continue into November and the beginning of December.  The midges are also hatching and they are a variety of sizes and colors.  #18-22 sized flies are the best choices right now.  The Blue Winged Olives are about a size 20 and the midges range from #18-32!  Troutbeads are working well, mainly in the mornings before the hatches.  As soon as the hatches begin, the fish key into the bugs and will ignore just about everything else.  4 and 5X tippet is plenty thin and will fool fish just fine.  Use 5X when fishing dry flies.  The best dry fly window was from 11-2 and is spotty as the day continues.

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