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Elevenmile Fly Fishing Report – March 11, 2012

Date: March 11, 2012
Elevenmile Canyon Flow: 94 CFS
Water Temp: 43 Degrees
Flies: #20-22 Black Beauty, #18-22 Miracle Midge, #12-16 San Juan Worm, #20-22 RS2, #20-22 Johnny Flash, #22-26 Parachute Adams, 6mm Mottled Ruby Roe, 6mm Mottled Oregon Cheese, 6MM Peach Pearl

Had an epic day in Elevenmile Canyon with Mike and Ricky!  We saw it all yesterday.  The drive was a little sketchy, snow covered roads slowed us down (an Mike forgot to change his clock) and put us in the canyon around 9:30.  As the day progressed, the sun came out and things warmed up!  No one was in the canyon yesterday.  The second time this week that we have had free reign of the river.  The fishing was epic!  We never went 10 minutes without one of us hooking up.  The cloud cover in the morning and warm overnight temperatures triggered a great midge hatch.  All morning long we hooked fish on #18-22 Midges.

I still cannot get enough of the huge cutties!  I was lucky enough to catch this one blind fishing in a deep run and it was the last cast of the day!  One of the most beautiful fish in Colorado.  Fish were eating eggs hard yesterday.  It produced the majority of the fish from noon on.  Stick with the orange variations, my favorite has been Oregon Cheese.  Not much dry fly action yesterday.  We saw a few rise, but not enough to switch over to a dry.  Plus we here hammering them on our eggs and midges!

Yesterday, we fish the upper/middle sections.  We never made it up by the dam, instead we fish right by and above the tunnels.  It does not really seem to matter where we fished, there are fish everywhere!  It also seems that the farther you get away from the dam, the more willing the fish are to eat.  I think this is partially due to the extreme presser the fish receive up the dam.  Has anyone else ever caught the Elevenmile grand slam?  We did yesterday.  You have to get a rainbow, cutthroat, cuttbow and a brown trout.  The brown is the hardest, but we got one on the first cast!  It was the only brown for the day, I do not catch them very often in the Canyon.  The fishing was soooo good, that I was able to relax and get some video of Ricky and Mike fishing.  Check it out below!

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