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Fly Fishing GoPro Net Cam

The Net Cam is a great way to video your next fly fishing outing.  Over the past few weeks, I have been asked how to set up the net camera.  So here it is!  The first thing you need to do is get a long handled net.  I love the Nomad Mid Length Carbon Fiber Net.  It is the perfect length to prop up in the bushes and get underwater footage.  Nomad Nets also makes and even longer model which is also great for the net mounted camera.   You want to use a net with a longer handle.   That way you can use the net as a stand and also it for extended reach in to the water.

The next thing you want to do is get a GoPro Hero 2 camera.  This camera is waterproof and HD resolution.  It already comes with a waterproof housing and several mounts.  The mounts you need for the net are the flat self adhesive mounts.  They already come with most GoPro Hero packages.  These mounts are easy to install, simply peel the backing and stick them on your net.  You want to mount the camera a inch or two below the net hoop.  If you have a Nomad Net, then you place it just below the Nomad label.  Once it is mounted you can quickly remove the camera from the mount, using the quick release system.

Now, I took the net cam to another level.  The stock GoPro housing is not crystal clear under the water.  The curved lens port in the GoPro Housing distorts images under the water, making them very blurry.  The GoPro Hero2 was made to be weather proof and not for underwater footage.  But don’t worry, there is a third party solution.  Eye Of Mine has come up with a flat lens port that solves this problem.  The flats lens housing works perfect.  It turns once blurry images into tack sharp video!  They run about $99 and are an extra thing you need to purchase on top of the standard camera, but it is so worth it!  That’s it really.  Keep the lens port dry and wipe off the water droplets constantly and have fun!  Check out the videos below using the Nomad Net Cam!

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Fly Fishing Fremont Canyon North Platte River in Wyoming | Fishing Fremont Canyon from In The Riffle on Vimeo.

Fly Fishing Bighorn River Spring 2012 | Fly Fishing Big Horn River Montana from In The Riffle on Vimeo.


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  1. Been to each of the FF film tours over the past few years and haven’t seen footage as cool as the Go Pro net footage!!

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