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Fly Fishing Photography | Overcast Days

Macro photography is one of my favorite styles of fly fishing photography.  Trout have incredible colors and contrast.  This makes them a very rewarding subject to photograph.  Here in beautiful Colorado it seems I never have enough of my favorite light…Overcast.  With 300 days of sun, clouds are a rare sight.  And if it is cloudy it is often rainy, cold or snowing.  That was the case yesterday, but I did do one thing right, I brought the camera with me!  The day began with a 18 degree temperature and never got above freezing, but the light was incredible!

Overcast and cloudy days will do several things to improve your images.  First and most important is that it balances the light.  The clouds actually diffuse and balance the light, which eliminates the harsh shadows and the overexposing of areas in the image.  It also super saturates your colors, making them more vibrant.  Don’t give up an opportunity!  If the weatherman predicts bad weather, bring the camera.  It can often be the best light you will ever shoot in!

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