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Arkansas River Pueblo Report | Jan 29, 2012

Date: Jan 29, 2012
Flow: 75 CFS
Water Temp: 42 Degrees

Man did the wind howl today!  The weather was warm…er and the wind was cruising out of the west at what must have been 20-30mph.  This did not keep Tony nor I off of the river.  We fought the wind all day, and it payed off!  The fishing was decent (mainly due to our poor casting into wind) and we managed to get several good fish.  I think if it were not so windy, we could have done much better.  There were times out indicators were blowing against the current.  So much for getting a perfect drift!

Midges continue to be the main hatch and the only bugs to really speak of.  Small midges such as black beauties, johnny flash and zebra midges in sizes #18-22 continue to catch fish.  Eggs and San Juan worms are also great flies to lead with.  The majority of the larger will we be taken on these lead flies.  We got a little bump in the flows today, but they were negligible and no difference really.


Today we fished around the Thatcher area again and there were plenty of people out.  The combination of good weather and a weekend made for an interesting day to find a spot.  We remained patient and fished in areas where the fisherman were not and waited for areas to free up.  It seemed to work.  We were able to tally up about a dozen fish or so and they were all very sizable!



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