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Taking Perfect Pictures Of Your Flies

Photographing Your Flies On Perfect White Background Video Tutorial

This video will walk you through how to take pictures of your flies on a pure white background.  The trick is to start with a decent image in the beginning.  A light box makes things much easier, but a white table/or white paper blasted with light will also work fine.  You will also need a basic camera that has a small minimum focus distance for macro work.  Most small point and shoot cameras and even your iPhone will work.  If you have a larger DSLR, then you will most likely need a macro lens for it.  The video will walk you through camera basics (and how to use your iPhone) and also how to clean up the image in photoshop.  In the end you will be able to take pictures of your flies with a perfect pure white background.

Tools/Things used in this Video:
Sony RX-100 Camera and/or iPhone 6
Basic Light Box
Photoshop CS4 (Highlight Dropper Tool, Eraser Tool and Dodge Tool)

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