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Giovanni De Pace’s Squid

Giovanni mostly targets dorado with his Squid fly pattern, but says that most small- to medium-size pelagic fish are going to gravitate toward this fly. He recommends fishing it on an intermediate line.

I discovered this fly pattern on the Flymen Fishing Co. Instagram feed (@flymenfishingco) while looking to see what fly tyers all over the world have done to use Flymen fly tying materials in creative ways. One of the first (and coolest) flies I saw was Giovanni De Pace’s (@giannidepace) Squid. This is a slightly modified Flymen version of Giovanni’s Squid, I think you’ll like it!

Fly Recipe
Hook: Kona Xtra Strong Stinger (XSS) 1/0
Laser Dub (to help spread the materials)
Underbody: Senyo’s Aqua Veil Chenille
Body: Ostrich Herl
Body: Fish-Skull Faux Bucktail
Body: Polar Flash
Tentacles: Loco Legs
Body: Rhea Feathers
Tentacles: Saddle Hackle
Head: Fish-Skull Fish-Mask, #7
Eyes: Surface Seducer Dragon Eyes, 7 mm
Loon Thick
Loon Phosphorescent Powder
Mantle: Fish-Skull Chocklett’s Body Tubing, 1/4″
Fins: X-Select Marabou

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