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Bout With a Grass Carp

Parachute Damsel Fly

Today was my first experience with a Grass Carp and I must say…what a sweet fish!  Grass Carp are much different than the Carp that I am used to targeting.  Grass Carp are bug and vegetation eaters.  Grass Carp have totally different mouths and feeding habits.  Grass Carp mouths are on the from of their face, instead of facing down like a Common Carp and they eat flies of the surface readily.  Today, I had 4 chances to hook a monster Grass Carp and the first three I totally messed up.  They eat so slow!  Just when I though the fly was is in it’s mouth, it wasn’t!  You have to wait for the fish to totally eat it, close it’s mouth and turn away.  Sounds easy right?  But it took me 3 tries to figure it out.  The fly of choice for me was a Parachute Damsel Dry Fly.  The fish ate it up!  Bent hooks and light tippet plagued my efforts, but that is just part of the deal fishing for big carp!  These are some of the toughest fish that I have ever fooled with a dry fly.  Give it a try at your local lake or pond.  Just seeing a 3-4 foot fish will make your knees shake!

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