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How Not To Wear Your Buff!

How Not To Wear Your Buff! – Fly Fishing Humor

Buffs are all the rage these days and they are a great idea for keeping the sun off of your face.  I love to use them in the South where the sun is intense and a sunburn is inevitable.  Over the past few years, I have seen several ways to wear a buff.  Most just kinda happen on accident and are not the true way to wear your buff.  Below are a few that just kinda happened.  Any by no means go out there and try these yourselves, your friends will never let go of it!

The Catholic Nun
The Doo Rag
The Hipster
The Foreskin
The Cat in the Hat
Almost Proper….Rudolph is showing!
The proper way I guess…

11 Responses to How Not To Wear Your Buff!

  1. I agree with every one of these, however, I will stand my ground on the rudolph being perfectably acceptable! Down here in the FL heat, those sunglasses will fog up, then you cant see if you cover your nose!

  2. There is a reason God gave us the foreskin. It protects the “nose” while still allowing one to breath. Simply peal back the foreskin when it’s time to get back to business!

  3. There has to be a Mullet Version~
    Business in the front, Party in the back.
    Ready for action in all kinds of weather.
    I prefer to wear mine just as a cravat. keep the ‘squitos at bay.
    Tight Lines,

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