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The Hunt for Poons

Fly Fishing for Tarpon in the Florida Keys is an incredible experience.  It is the ultimate in saltwater sight fishing.  Tarpon are elusive creatures and the angler has many things going against him.  I have had two humbling experiences fly fishing for the silver king in the past two years.  Bad weather seems to follow me around the world, including the Florida Keys.  For those who have saltwater fished before, you know this comes with the territory.  But you always wonder why it has to happen to you.  Despite the bad weather, we made the best of it.  Our first day was the best weather day (perfect really), and we manged to see and jump a couple fish.  I was plagued with hooks bending out and fished that liked to go under the boat.  That in and of itself, was well worth the trip.  After the first day, the wind and rain set in.  We tried to go out and look for tarpon, but we quickly resorted to looking for sharks and bonefish in shallow water.  I have unfinished business with the Keys and will not give up!

First Cast, First Strip. That Cursed the rest of the trip!
I guess I will have to try again next year...
Spent a couple days drinking in the rain....

What do you do when you can not fish in the Keys cause of weather….you go to Key West and go drinking in the rain!

Tarpon sitting on the dock at the bar
Caught a Tarpon Rolling with the iPhone

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