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Denver Carp Fly Fishing Report

Mirror Carp Fly FishingDate: September 6, 2012
Flow: 20 CFS at Englewood
Flies: Flies: Flies: #04-06 Common Craw, #06-08 Thinmint, #08 Egan’s Headstand Rust, #06 Near Nuff Crayfish, #06 Black Backstabber, #06 Rust Backstabber, #08-10 Clouser Swimming Nymph Rust, #06 Swimming Carp Fly Tan, #06 Barry’s Carp Fly

Special day on the South Platte River in Denver today!  I tussled with the Mirror Carp that I caught earlier this spring!  This is not the first time I have caught the same big carp twice, it is the second time!  Guess that means that I fish too much.  This was a memorable fish for me.  I love to catch mirrors!  This fish was feeding in deep water and facing downstream (away from me).  It was an impossible catch… I thought.  But you have to try, or you will never catch fish.  Tossed to to him, waited for my fly to sink in 4 feet water (seemed like forever) and watched his/her lips flare!  I never get tired of seeing that!

Mirror Carp South Platte RiverFishing conditions continue to improve on the South Platte River.  Water clarity is perfect and the flows are super low.  This means that you can see all the fish….and they can all see you too!  When it comes to sight fishing, now is prime.  The fish are spooky, but we are getting lots of shots and fishing is very “visual”.  We are seeing most of the feeding fish in the deeper runs and deeper flats (1.5-4 feet).  Many of the flats are getting shallow, so where you saw fish a few months ago may not have fish now.  Many fish are venturing in to the shallow areas out of deeper slots.  But there must be deep water near by for the fish on take the risk in skinny water.  Algae has also started growing.  Lack of flow and warm water has allowed for the algae to take hold.  This means you need to check you fly often to make sure it is not fouled with algae.

Standard patterns have been working well.  Fished the Common Craw, Thinmints and Barry’s Carp Fly in the deeper water.  Fish the smaller and lighter flies on the shallow flats.  More information on Choosing the Right Carp Fly>>

Tricos have also started to hatch in good numbers.  And the carp have taken notice!!!  Check this video out and do not leave your dry fly box at home, like I did.  Got caught with my pants down today…

Fly Fishing For Mirror CarpCarp Fly FishingDenver Carp

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