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Ode to the Slippery Trout

Ode to the Slippery Trout – Bloppers

Most anglers post only the good “grip and grin” fish pictures, but few ever see the bloopers.  Holding a slippery trout is not always as easy and some fish are more stubborn than others.  No matter how much practice you get, you are still gonna drop a few!  No trout were harmed in this post…they were just let go a little too soon!  Slippery when wet!

Swing and a MISS!
Slap To Da Face!
Free at last!
Have you hugged a rainbow lately?
The Drenching…
The Handoff…
I got this….
Maybe Not….
You Think Trout are Slippery?….psh
The Wiggler…
The Fish Tacoooo!
It’s magic…now ya see it…now ya don’t!
Don’t drop that sh@t on me!
Not a Trout….but slippery none the less!

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