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Permit Fishing South Florida

Permit Fly Fishing South Florida Video

Fly fishing for Permit isn’t something that you wake up one day and say “gee, I think I’ll try and catch a permit on fly today.” It’s something that you’re led to. Like the details of a mystery perpetually unfold, so does the allure of permit fishing. The fascination with Permit evolves from the desire to seek out greater challenge. So, in a sense, it’s really a personal endeavor. But the fish makes it possible…

As a guide, I consider Permit a great fortune. I am lucky they swim on the flats, I am lucky they are hard to catch, and I am lucky to have anglers that relish the challenge they present with a fly rod. Over the years I have seen permit fishing become more accessible as people have turned on to their appeal and figured out how to catch them with consistency. The equipment is much improved and the flies have evolved, but more then that, our confidence has grown in the realization that they are catchable. Nothing epitomizes this progression more than what I consider the pinnacle…when I step out of the boat, and into the world of the permit, and face him one-on-one!

While the sport of fly fishing may have unlocked a few of the mysteries of the Permit, our understanding of the fish is far behind. It’s hard to believe that what we know about this elusive trophy is far greater in the world of fly fishing then in the world of science. Our ambition with this film is to reveal the challenge, passion and beauty that lies at the heart of the sport, and to shed light upon the fact that this important resource is virtually unknown from a scientific perspective. As regulators decide how best to manage this valuable fishery, our commitment is to showcase how incredible and how deserving of protection they truly are.

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