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Photographing the Dream Stream

The Dream Stream, in South Park Colorado, is an amazing place to photograph.  The Dream Stream is also a frustrating place to take photos.  With almost 300 days of sunshine, the landscape can appear boring and is easily washed out (over exposed) in images.  The solution to this problem is clouds!  Clouds not only even out the exposure, but they also add a dynamic element to the photo.  Clouds are always changing and give you images a more dramatic appearance.

In the image below, I tried to incorporate several things.  I love clouds, blue bird skies are boring to me and wash out easily.  I wanted to make sure I incorporated the clouds and the old trestle bridge.  I had an idea of the image I wanted, so I had Jim hop up on the trestle and start fishing.  I love to have multiple things going on in my images.  The clouds, stressed trestle bridge and Jim’s casting make the image.  I love to have at least 2, but usually three unique elements in a photo.  So look for cloudy days!  Most of us want the best weather possible for fishing, but the iffy weather days often produce the best photos!

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5 Responses to Photographing the Dream Stream

  1. nice picture, I’m with you on the clouds vs blue sky. I enjoy your compositions. Caught my biggest fish in a few years last week on the Blue, just above the I-70 bridges. Tiny midges and 6x, a miracle I got it to hand.

  2. Hey James. Love the trestle shot dude! I was hoping to repost to a certain IG feed, but want to get your permission first. Photo Cred will of course be given. PM me if you happen to see this. Thanks!

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