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Arkansas River Pueblo Fishing Report | November 1, 2012

Arkansas River Pueblo Fly Fishing Report
Date: October 27, 2012
Arkansas River Pueblo Flow: 60 CFS
Denver Carp Flies: #18-22 Pheasant Tail, #20-22 Olive RS2, #17-21 Pueblo Emerger, #18-22 Black Beauty, #20-22 Miracle Nymph, #20-22 Parachute Adams, #20-22 CDC Comparadun, #20-22 Olive CDC Rs2, 6MM Glow Roe Troutbeads

Fly Fishing Pueblo ColoradoThe fishing on the Arkansas River Pueblo is picking up!  The Blue Winged Olive hatch continues along with midges and a few caddis.  The fishing is best in the mornings and gradually tapers off as the afternoon progresses.  Small mayfly and Baetis (Blue Winged Olive) nymph and emergers are the best flies in the morning.  Midge larva and small caddis larva are also good choices as a point fly.  Look for fish in the shallow water and at the heads of riffles and runs.  People are beginning to make the trek south to Pueblo.  There were several anglers on the river and moving around is the key to success.  Do not be afraid to leave a hole and let it rest.  The fish will come back and feed after and hour or so.

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  1. It was good to see you in Pueblo the other day, James! Thanks for being so generous with your knowledge. I picked up a few extra fish thanks to you, and as a newbie, I always appreciate the opportunity to continue to learn. I love your reports and your tying videos. I also appreciate your online store as a convenient source of affordable gear and materials. Keep up the great work!

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