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Arkansas River Pueblo Report | Feb. 8, 2012

Date: Feb 8, 2012
Flow: 61 CFS
Water Temp: 39 Degrees

Had a great day today with Jim!  The fishing was good, but the weather cold!  This kept many of the anglers away from the river today.  It was 18 degrees when we first pulled up and not a car in the parking lot.  As we get deeper into winter, I have noticed we are catching fewer fish numbers.  But the size keeps getting bigger.  Jim was able to snag a giant this morning.  The most colorful fish I have ever seen come out of the river.  Truly and amazing fish.  We fished the upper lot this morning.  Thinking we could get a good shot at the good holes, due to the cold weather.  The fish continue to hold in the deeper and slower runs, at least until we see the 50 degree days again.

Midges are still the main bugs to be throwing.  I did see a couple Blue Winged Olives around the middle of the day, but nothing the fish were keying in on.  Eggs and worms are still catching fish.  Fish them in the deeper and faster runs.  Pheasant Tails and Baetis nymphs also produced.  Last week, before the snow, we saw the most pressure that river has gotten this year.  The fish are getting more wise to anglers as the year progresses.  They are demanding good drift with NO drag.  Things were much more forgiving a couple months ago.  5 and 6X to your midge is standard.  No problems running 3X to the worm and egg.

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