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Sculpin Head McLuvin Carp Fly Tying Video

Sculpin Head McLuvin Carp Fly Tying Video

This is an excellent carp fly which is an adaptation of the original McLuvin by Eric Bebee at Catch Fly Fishing. I have had allot of luck fly fishing for carp with the SH McLuvin in many scenarios but have had the most luck using it on sand and gravel flats or sand-bars when the carp are keyed in on crayfish. I have caught grass carp, mirror carp and common carp up to 20lb with the Sculpin Helmet McLuvin.

This fly uses the FlyMen fly fishing mini sculpin helmets. This is a relatively heavy carp fly and is best suited to situations where indirect presentations are effective. Examples include distant slow cruisers where you can lead the fish, close-in tailers and cruisers where you can perform a drag and drop presentations and any carp in water over knee deep.

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