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Spinney Reservoir Report | April 9, 2012

Date: April 9, 2012
Water Temperature: 35-42 Degrees
Flies: #18-22 Rojo Midge, #10-12 Woolly Bugger, #16-18 Chironomids, #10-12 Stillwater Nymph, #14-16 Sowbug, #14-16 Olive Scud, 6mm Oregon Cheese Troutbeads

It was a calm day at Spinney Reservoir today!  Almost too calm.  The wind blew very little through out the day, and no wind can make the fish a little picky.  Light waves make the fish feel calm under the water and also give your flies a bit of movement.  Whenever the breeze picked up a bit, Ricky and I would get the fish to eat.  Chironomids and Eggs are still the main flies the fish are chowing on.  We picked a few fish up on streamers, but not enough to really hold my attention.  Lots of nice fish in the lake this year.  Everything from 16-22″!

Fish the drop offs and areas where the depth changes rapidly.  The lake is clearing quickly.  The bays I was fishing last week are now almost gin clear.  The water is still very cold and the fishing is a bit slow in the mornings.  We received the majority of our bites during the middle of the day.  Saw a lot more midges today as well.  Even some larger ones in the #16-18 size range.  It won’t be long no before the fish are chowing like crazy on them!

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5 Responses to Spinney Reservoir Report | April 9, 2012

  1. The weather up here is really changing quickly this year. Going to be nice the rest of the week. Think I might float the Ark today. I’ll let you know how it goes James.

  2. It looks like i got Friday- Sunday to fish this weekend James. None of my buddies can make it to Reef and I can’t float it alone, where would you suggest? I have read all your reports but I am torn, what say yee?

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