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Spring Carp Fly Fishing Report | May 17, 2013

Denver Carp On The Fly FishingDenver Area Spring Carp Fly Fishing Report
Date: May 17, 2013
Denver Area Carp Flies: #08 Egan’s Headstand Chartreuse, #04 Common Craw, #06 Olive McTage’s McLuvin, #04 Dirty Craw, #08-10 Carp Soft Hackle, #06 Black Backstabber, #06-08 Barr’s Spork Rust, #08-10 Clouser Swimming Nymph Rust

Pond Carp Fly FishingThe Denver Front Range Carp Fisheries have finally woken up!  Luke and I took a look at some local ponds (The South Platte River is still a bit off) and we where pleased to find the fish are finally moving around!  Spring has arrived a bit late this year and the carp took a week or two longer to warm up.  The warm weather has put the Carp directly into spawn, so you must take this into account when fishing for them.  Tailing fish are still not common yet and you will not see large number of tailing fish till late into the spawn.  Spawning Carp will still eat, but you must select the right fish to cast at and adjust your techniques a bit.  Spawning fish will take a fly out of aggressiveness or protecting their territory.  The smaller male Carp are usually more aggressive and most receptive to taking a fly during the spawn.

Denver Ponds Mirror Carp On The Fly

You must avoid the Carp that are actively spawning or chasing each other around.  These fish are not usually as interested in taking a fly (that is not to say you cannot catch them, but the odds are very low).  Try to concentrate on the fish that are singles or moving slower than others in the pod.  Drop or get the fly to strip/jig right in the face of the fish.  This will either induce a immediate strike, or the fish will spook.  Cast to lots of fish and play the numbers game.  The more fish that see your the fly, the better your chances of catching a fish.  Things will continue to warm up and more tailing fish will begin to show up!

Spring Carp On The FlyRolling Carp Fly Fishing ScalesCommon Carp Fly Fishing

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