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Stillwater Carp Report | May 24, 2012

Date: May 24, 2012
Temp: HOT!
Flies: #08 Thinmint Carp Bugger, #08 Peacock Carp Bugger Black, #08 Headstand Carp Leech

The stillwater carp fishing is in full swing!  Many of the carp are still spawning, but today we saw a lot of muds and tails sticking up!  Spring is a great time to target tailing and feeding carp.  The water is still a bit off color, making the carp a bit more relaxed and not as spooky.  The great thing is that the majority of the fish are cruising and mudding in the shallows.  This makes them easy to reach and little casting is involved.  In fact, most of the time we are just pitching the flies to the fish, minimizing the disturbance the fly makes on the water.

Most of the Front Range lakes and ponds are full of carp.  Now is a great time to explore them.  All of the ponds near Chatfield are great areas to start and are publicly accessible.  Many of the major reservoirs are also in full swing, such as Cherry Creek and Chatfield itself.  Thinmints, Peacock Carp Buggers and Headstand Leeches have been the effective patterns.  Look for fish to be in the shallow and soft bottom areas.  These are the most likely spots for the carp to be feeding.

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