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Tacky Flydrophobic SD Fly Box

The Flydrophobic SD is boasts the most innovative waterproof system in any fly box. It’s patent pending latchless waterproof seal is the first of its kind in any fly box. The gasket not only keeps the moisture out, but is engineered with such precision that it securely holds the box closed, acting as the closure system as well.

Here are Tacky we’ve always been very hesitant to build a waterproof fly box. The reason is simple. Waterproof fly boxes, as they existed prior the the Flydrophobic SD, only keep water out. We all know that we’ve put wet flies back in our boxes and thus effectively trapped moisture inside those boxes. For us to build a waterproof box we knew we needed it to not only keep moisture out, but we also needed the box to allow moisture to escape.

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