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Trico Mayfly Photography

Trico Mayfly Fly Fishing Photography

Trico Mayflies are incredibly tiny insects and photographing them in the field is no easy task.  Getting these little bugs to cooperate takes some patience and delicate fingers.  In this post are some of my favorite Trico Mayfly images and some tips on how to photograph these graceful insects.

Trico Mayfly and Dry Emerger

Trico Photographing Tips:

1. Use Dry Fingers
When photographing Trico Mayflies, you often need to handle them and move them into place.  Using wet fingers will make the wings stick to your fingers, damaging the wings and the insect.  Make sure the hands are dry when handling these delicate bugs.

2. Use Manual Focus
Manual focusing the camera is a must in macro or small object photography.  Using auto focus will often focus on the wrong object in the frame, such as the background or foreground.  Focus in the bug and fine tune the focal point.

3. Diffuse the Light
Intense lighting will blow out the wings and tails of the insect, complete washing out the image.  Overcast days are the best days to photograph insects, or shield the area from direct sun light.  Using a diffuser or picking a shaded are will greatly increase the quality of the image.

4. Shield From the Wind
Tricos are so small and delicate that the slightest breeze will take them away.  Choosing an area close to the ground or protected from the wind is a must.  It does not take much to blow a Trico away!

5. Shoot from the Side
Try to shoot from the side of the insect.  This will give you the best image of the tails, wings and body of the insect.  There are always exceptions to this rule and there are some examples in this post.  Try to extenuate the features that you are tying to capture.  Most of the time that is the tail and wings.  A profile image is the best for that.

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