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Urban Fly Fishing Photography

Fly Fishing DenverBeauty is all on the eye of the beholder.  For myself, fly fishing is all about variety and same goes for photography.  Graffiti, bridges and urban city limits are generally not what fly fisherman are looking for.  But I find the urban setting in Downtown Denver unique and beautiful in it’s own little way.  The Urban South Platte River is so close to home, that I do consider it my “home” water and visit it quite frequently.  Over the years, I have taken a few photographs while fishing this fishery.  The Denver is a diverse fishery, never knowing what you are going to catch.  The list of species include carp, trout, catfish, smallmouth bass, koi and walleye.  The scenery is also diverse.  The South Platte River Greenway is lined with old trees and brush, factories, skyscrapers and highways.  Each stretch is different in look and feel, making each area special.  So here we go!  Just a few of my favorite photos that I have taken over the years.  Enjoy!

Fly Fishing Denver South Platte RiverUrban Fly Fishing PhotographyFly Fishing GraffitiFly Fishing in Denver City LimitsLuke Bever Carp FishingCarp Fly FishingWould you like to learn how to catch carp on the fly in Denver? Be a part of the Cyprinus Carpio family and take a Guided Carp Trip with James.  Contact Us or (303-324-1854).  Licensed, Bonded and Insured through Mile High Angler– Outfitter #2534

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