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Arkansas River Pueblo Report | Feb. 12, 2012

Date: Feb 12, 2012
Flow: 61 CFS
Water Temp: 35 Degrees

It was a cold and dreary day today…but that did not stop us!  Forecast called for low 40’s, they lied!  It barely made it to 30 degrees.  We were fighting ice all day.  The fishing was good.  All big fish.  Seems like you either get lots of small fish or a handful of big fish.  I will take it either way, especially in February!  The midge hatch was epic today.  Around noon the bug came off in droves.  They were small, about a #24-26 Black Midge.

We were able to squeeze a few fish out on dries.  The midges were so small that we were bending out the hooks on the #26 Sprout Midge.  The fish were definitely after them though.  Eggs also caught a couple of the big fish.  I can see they are starting to turn off of them a little.  We seem to be catching a few more fish on midges and less on the eggs as winter progresses.

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  1. I know, and look at the fish I still caught? Pretty good huh Zim? Just a sampling… Thanks ! Don’t let Zim around your new Nomad net James, he’ll find a way to break that one too! Not sure if its Yeti tested yet? Just a suggestion!

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